Romanita is a Christian, business developer, and social sector expert working towards solutions to global issues.  She cares for the human condition and finds joy in serving and philanthropic pursuits.

She is an advocate for those who are vulnerable and a thought leader on society’s biggest challenges.

The Urban Poor

The problem of poverty is not one that exists only in other parts of the world. U.S. Programs Division lead, Romanita Hairston, casts a vision for education reform and improved child well-being in the United States.

She argues that while we may have more non-profits than ever today, we are facing a crisis of compassion, consciousness and conscience when it comes to the poor.

Poverty and Development

“I wake up every day and the question I ask myself is how can we make this country a better place for the children and vulnerable families who live in it?”

We have a reason to be concerned in this country. If you look at how we’re fairing in child well-being compared to the rest of the developed world, we are woefully behind our peers.

The Advance

Romanita shares with us best practices for churches to engage the city. Using the book of Nehemiah as a practical case study, Romanita steps us through the process of uplifting and inspiring positive change at the local level.

“In the words of John Perkins, if you want to see communities change, it takes people inside and people outside.”

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